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Crate Training Your Golden Retriever

Crate Training Your Golden Retriever

Many people usually have misconceptions when crates come to mind. They do not use crates because they think that it is a way of punishing a dog. But such is not the case. Contrary to common misconception, crates are actually one of the safest places for your dog, particularly a Golden Retriever. Crates have been found to have many uses. You can put your dog inside the crate when you are away from home or when you have guests in your house and stay worry-free. It can also be used when your dog is sick. Crates gratify a Golden’s natural instincts to position himself within a den.

Upon getting Golden Retriever puppy and bringing him to his new home, try getting a crate and have it set up right where you want it. It is recommended that you position your crate in an area where there is not much traffic, like a kitchen close to the door. In that way, your Golden can easily get out of the crate and potty outside.

Leave it open and train your dog to go inside whenever he is tired and sleepy. Golden Retrievers may tend to have a liking for crates especially if you crate train them but you should not overdo it by letting him stay there for so long. Also, do not let your Golden out of the crate if it is barking. Once your dog has become used to the crate, you can freely leave him to go in and out of it whenever he likes and you may not have to worry about your dog anymore whenever you are away from home.

Show your dog where the crate is located repeatedly for a couple of times and then let him search for the crate. Leave the crate open and your Golden Retriever puppy should start to go in and out of it. You may also want to put a toy inside the crate to keep him from boredom once he is inside. If your dog follows your crate training commands well, give him a food treat or praise as a sign of recognition. Your Golden Retriever will learn to stay in the crate by himself in no time.

It is also important that you put a toy for your Golden to play with once it has become familiar with the crate. Then, you can shut the crate door and see how it will respond. Do not take him out of the crate immediately if it starts to whine. Instead, try to calm him by saying relieving words or putting your fingers through the crate’s opening. Be patient and your dog should settle down by then.

Crate training your Golden may take you some time before you can actually see results. But if you have the patience and perseverance to achieve positive ends to your efforts, then your Golden puppy will be able to catch up well on crate training.

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Choosing the Right Pet Bed for Your Dog

Choosing the Right Pet Bed for Your Dog

With Mammoth Outlets, you have the ability to choose the ideal bed for your dog. The company has been servicing kennels, vets and pet owners from across the United States for years, and their staff is knowledgeable and helpful. At Mammoth Outlet, you have a wide variety of pet beds to choose from, making it easy to find the right bed for your beloved dog.
Mammoth Outlet’s designer and luxury beds are perfect for any pup. You can even choose your own designer combo color choices! It’s easy to buy a pet bed that will match your home’s décor with this company. The designer dog beds are available in many different upholstery fabric colors, and if you want to spice things up, you can choose a different color for the bed base and bolster! This way, your dog’s pet bed is aesthetically pleasing as well as supportive and functional.
These designer beds offer your pet easy entry and superior support. Mammoth Outlet’s large couch beds have a bolster that surrounds a third of the bed. This feature offers your pet a place to rest his or her head while making it very easy to come onto or leave their bed. These beds will accommodate small as well as large breeds, giving enough space to stretch out for ultimate comfort. The filling is designed to mold to your dog’s body, giving him or her the most superior support available. The cover of the inner pillow and outer ring are easy to remove so washing is a breeze. They are also constructed of industrial-strength canvas that will stand up to the largest dog!
If your dog is in need of a high quality pet bed, Mammoth Outlet is the first place you should turn to. With the company’s huge variety of beds, you’re sure to find one that’s ideal for your specific dog.

Mammoth Outlet is a respected source for the best pet beds that supply your dog with ultimate support and comfort.

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Health Problems and Diseases Affecting Golden Retriever Breed

Health Problems and Diseases Affecting
Golden Retriever Breed

Golden Retrievers are prone to afflictions form six common illnesses. Although they are not unhealthy by nature, and are considered one of the hardier dogs around, there exists common afflictions that would still affect them badly. Then, it is up to the owner to try to understand the condition and causes of these illnesses to try to spot the symptoms to help their dogs cope with them.

Skin diseases are one of the top problems with Golden Retrievers. They could have causes as simple as a flea itch or mosquito bite that can cause their skin to be irritated and inflamed. These dogs will then chew the area until they create a lesion or something known as a hot spot. A hot spot is a raw, red and moist patch that will get larger every time the dog messes with it. It normally requires a bandage or a special collar to stop the dog from touching the area so as to give it time to recover.

Golden Retrievers can be more susceptible to allergies in comparison to other dogs. Wheat is typically an offending factor and a lot of commercial dog foods have wheat in their recipes. It is not lethal to animals but it can cause them to have problems with their digestion or cause their skin to become inflamed and irritated. If the dog licks its face excessively or scratches constantly, you might have a dog that is allergic.

Beneath the outer layers of the skin, there could be more severe types of diseases. There are different types of fatty lipomas and the severe liposarcoma that can become common as the dogs grow older.

Fatty lipomas are usually not harmful and are easily removed when your dog gets his teeth cleaned and general anesthesia is given to him. They might grow bigger, but they are not a health concern and can be left alone without worry. Liposarcomas, however, are malignant and need to be removed as quickly as possible. They need to be treated as soon as they are diagnosed.

Eye problems, such as cataracts, can be common in Golden Retrievers that are older than the age of 10. Such eye afflictions can lead to poorer vision or even blindness in the dog. There is no treatment for these conditions.

Heart conditions are less common in Golden Retrievers, but if they do occur, you will see either subvalvular aortic stenosis or cardiomyopathy. Subvalvular aortic stenosis is a blockage in the left vein of the ventricle and will cause a decrease in the blood flow. Sometimes, the condition is harmless, although the dog will not be allowed to run around as much. When the condition is serious, the heart has to work harder due to the heart muscle thickening. This heart problem is usually genetic and the treatment can be beta blockers to mild antibiotics. An operation is always a solution but compared to operations on the human heart, it has a lower chance of success.

Cardiomyopathy is an acquired disease which is more serious. The reason for this is still unknown although there is a tendency for dogs aged between 4 to 10 to get it. The heart muscle will become weaker and flaccid, and it will degenerate until the dog dies.

Nevertheless, most Golden Retrievers live a long and healthy live. Your dog can lead a fulfilling life with the correct nutrition and adequate exercise.

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