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Crate Training Your Golden Retriever

Crate Training Your Golden Retriever

Many people usually have misconceptions when crates come to mind. They do not use crates because they think that it is a way of punishing a dog. But such is not the case. Contrary to common misconception, crates are actually one of the safest places for your dog, particularly a Golden Retriever. Crates have been found to have many uses. You can put your dog inside the crate when you are away from home or when you have guests in your house and stay worry-free. It can also be used when your dog is sick. Crates gratify a Golden’s natural instincts to position himself within a den.

Upon getting Golden Retriever puppy and bringing him to his new home, try getting a crate and have it set up right where you want it. It is recommended that you position your crate in an area where there is not much traffic, like a kitchen close to the door. In that way, your Golden can easily get out of the crate and potty outside.

Leave it open and train your dog to go inside whenever he is tired and sleepy. Golden Retrievers may tend to have a liking for crates especially if you crate train them but you should not overdo it by letting him stay there for so long. Also, do not let your Golden out of the crate if it is barking. Once your dog has become used to the crate, you can freely leave him to go in and out of it whenever he likes and you may not have to worry about your dog anymore whenever you are away from home.

Show your dog where the crate is located repeatedly for a couple of times and then let him search for the crate. Leave the crate open and your Golden Retriever puppy should start to go in and out of it. You may also want to put a toy inside the crate to keep him from boredom once he is inside. If your dog follows your crate training commands well, give him a food treat or praise as a sign of recognition. Your Golden Retriever will learn to stay in the crate by himself in no time.

It is also important that you put a toy for your Golden to play with once it has become familiar with the crate. Then, you can shut the crate door and see how it will respond. Do not take him out of the crate immediately if it starts to whine. Instead, try to calm him by saying relieving words or putting your fingers through the crate’s opening. Be patient and your dog should settle down by then.

Crate training your Golden may take you some time before you can actually see results. But if you have the patience and perseverance to achieve positive ends to your efforts, then your Golden puppy will be able to catch up well on crate training.

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